Local Content Policy



The Nigerian Government has set a minimum local content target of 75% by 2010 for all works and contracts to be undertaken in or on behalf of all oil & gas companies operating in the Nigerian oil & gas industry. This target is fully supported by the oil & gas companies operating in Nigeria. To meet this target a number of processes are now in place including a contract evaluation and award criteria which favors bids which meet or exceed the minimum local content target. The Nigerian government, via the NCDMB (Nigerian Content Development Monitoring Board), has issued a list of 23 categories of work which must be executed in Nigeria.
The objectives of local content within the Nigerian context are to:
  • Increase value-added content, thereby contributing to national economic development as well as that of our stakeholders, partners, clients, company, employees and contractors.
  • Transfer technology and develop local know-how.

Our Philosophy

As a 100% indigenous company operating in the Nigeria oil and gas sector, PRODOS management is of the view that maximizing local content is not only politically sensible but it makes good business sense, especially as lower composite rates can be realized by increasing Nigerian labour and materials resources particularly when these items are readily available and the prices are commercially attractive. Nigeria labour rates are very competitive when compared with many other countries and the infrastructure is being upgraded to meet the aspiration of Nigerian context.
We are able to work with and assist foreign companies wishing to operate in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry increase their Nigerian content to meet new government target via a number of suitable arrangements including joint ventures, partnerships, sub-contracting or other mutually suitable vehicles. At PRODOS, we focus on delivering international quality services levels without compromising Health, Safety & Environmental standards using processes and procedures in line with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Local Content Promotion

At PRODOS, we seek to promote Nigerian local content into all our activities via the following mechanisms:
  • Project specific local content plan.
  • Employing competent and qualified local contractors to provide technical and non-technical services and support (when required).
  • Investing in the development training of Nigerian to participate in higher-level activities than hitherto.
  • Investing in office, logistics, accommodation, computing systems and other business support infrastructure, goods, and services, all of which are purchased locally to augment other equipment procured internationally.
  • Setting up the local infrastructure in co-operation with our offshore partners to meet the requirement of the NCDMB directives.
If you are seeking to enter the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry and need to increase your Nigerian content or as a first timer wish to explore the very challenging but profitable Nigerian business environment and succeed then you should talk to us. We at PRODOS understand Nigeria and the Nigerian oil and gas industry like no one else.
For further details of the NCDMB directives and Nigerian content in general visit: www.ncdmb.gov.ng
We offer services to organizations operating in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Over 18 years of experience in the industry has enabled us developed strategic partnerships with vast supply chains, which in turn provides us with increased capacity to provide the best quality services and people for the job.
We take necessary steps to ensure that our petroleum products meet global import/export specification, by providing clients with lab test reports on requested product batches.
We believe that health and safety is an essential element and integral part of the overall business. Our health and safety policy is aimed at protecting the health, safety and welfare of all our employees to the best possible degree through the implementation, management and monitoring of safety practices and procedures.
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