People Policy

PRODOS LIMITED possesses a dynamic team of trained and experienced staff and professionals across the fields of management, engineering, science and technology. Collectively, our team possesses various years of expertise in the Oil and Gas Industry, Universities and Research Institutions.
This expertise is what provides us the competence to deliver good quality service to the satisfaction of our clients in this competitive world, by remaining at the front edge of technology, capacity and modern techniques. We seek to continuously training our staff in areas of our business focus, so as to keep them in form with modern trends of science and engineering technology.
We offer services to organizations operating in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. Over 18 years of experience in the industry has enabled us developed strategic partnerships with vast supply chains, which in turn provides us with increased capacity to provide the best quality services and people for the job.
We take necessary steps to ensure that our petroleum products meet global import/export specification, by providing clients with lab test reports on requested product batches.
We believe that health and safety is an essential element and integral part of the overall business. Our health and safety policy is aimed at protecting the health, safety and welfare of all our employees to the best possible degree through the implementation, management and monitoring of safety practices and procedures.
Bourbon Interoil Nigeria Ltd.